Vehicle manufacturers must be regulated to stop polluting the air

I am a mother organizer with Together for Brothers (T4B) and live with my family on the West Mesa of Albuquerque. We purchased the house we currently live in 14 years ago. After several years of high electricity bills and a large month-to-month variance, we began exploring affordable options to lower our expenses. We had to decrease our costs.

We began to take seriously the idea of making a clean energy transition because the COVID pandemic caused much higher electricity costs to the point that my last electric bill came to $415.71. We decided to look into a solar energy system for our house, and two years ago, we installed it. A solar powered system turned out to be our best option. With the financing we chose and the tax incentives, both federal and state, my lower payment would be the same month to month, and for a time, our economic stability as a family would no longer be in jeopardy.

Another benefit was that we began to take action and be part of the transition to clean energy and a better environment for my four children and future generations.

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